Bookspan Book Clubs (A Division of Time Warner)

As an Associate Creative Director at Igicom I led a team of Art Directors and Designers that, working closely with the programing team, created ecommerce websites for about twenty Bookspan Book Clubs.   The Bookspan Book Clubs had a catalog-based business model; our team brought clubs on-line. This project was fascinating because of the challenges associated with bringing the unique book club pricing and rewards system online. I managed this intense long term client relationship which involved educating the client and making almost weekly presentations.


Igicom specialized in interactive usability.  As an Associate Creative Director, I led the team responsible for redesigning the company website. Our goal was to create an exceptional user experience for clients and potential clients, but also to educate them on the critical role usability plays in how we interact with functional devices – from stove-tops to smartphones.

Wish-Bone Salad Dressing

While working as an Art Director at Fry Interactive I designed conceptualized, created illustrations and interfaced with the client on this humorous and light website for Wish-Bone salad dressing’s “Just 2 Good” low calorie salad dressing. This was one of a series of websites I created for Unilever Brands while at Fry Interactive. Others included Ragu Pasta Sauce and Gorton’s Fish.

Alpha USA Marketing Materials and Print Campaign

Alpha USA sells it’s popular Alpha Course to pastors and church leaders, most of whom are very busy — even spread a little thin. I designed, conceptualized, wrote the copy (and even marked up and photographed the pictured planner) to appeal to pastors with a busy schedule who still hope to increase their church’s membership.