Aubrey and The Circus – Tassy Walden Award Finalist

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Aubrey and the Circus (Picture Book Dummy)

Finalist in the Illustrated Book Catergory — The New Voices in Children’s Literature: Tassy Walden Awards 

Motivated by a pesky little brother, a magical trip to the circus, and a lousy day at school, spirited Aubrey hops on her bicycle and rides off in the direction of the big top. On the way she meets one performer after another, all of whom are also running away — from the circus!

Will Aubrey be able to convince her new friends to give circus life a second try? Will they be able to convince her to return home as well?


Aubrey and the Circus is a picture dummy (rough draft) that I’ve written and illustrated.  I am in the process of submitting to publishers.  So far I’ve recieved my share or rejection slips — but also some very promising communication from a big publisher.  We’ll see what happens but in the meantime I’m making some changes they suggested.  I’ll post them as I finish!

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