Weight Watchers Online for Men

As an Associate Creative Director for Weight Watchers, I led the design team that explored, conceptualized, advertised and eventually created Weight Watchers Online for Men.

Weight Watchers has traditionally focused its marketing efforts exclusively on women. Our challenge was to make this very feminine brand appealing, not only to men with serious weight challenges, but also to the average guy just hoping to shed his spare tire.




While working on the creative team for Weight Watchers Online for Men, I came up with the concept of on-line weight bets.  Men – and women – could sign-up to socially network while competing as individuals or groups over who would be first in reaching their weight loss goals.  Weight Watchers only tested the concept briefly, never moving forward due to liability issues and questions about the practicality of actually allowing users to “bet” financially or with other incentives  — but due to the stregnth of this idea I was made lead creative on the Weight Watchers Online Men’s team.

Surfing around recently I came across this website:


Makes me wish I’d gone for it on my own.  C’est la vie!